1. Real, by NF
2. Ayo!, by Andy Mineo
3. Buttons, by Lecrae
4. Insomniac, by Trip Lee
5. Chainsaw, Family Force 5
6. Grindin’ (ft. Marty), by NF
7. Death Has Died, by Andy Mineo
8. Dreams (ft. Tony Tillman & J.C.), by Canon
9. Not From This World (ft. Lauren Morris), Loso
10. Game Face (1st/2nd Half Edition), KJ-52
11. Amazing, by Canton Jones
12. Circles, by Gemstones
13. Shweet, by Trip Lee
14. Fly Away, by Grits
15. Intro 2, by NF
16. Kry Somtimez, by Sevin
17. You Should Know, Jor’Dan Armstrong
18. I Love It, Drew Allen
19. Hitten Dem Streets, Young Prayzr
20. Hope, This’l
21. I Like To Win, Shonlock
22. Krazi, JG
23. Let Me In, Zion
24. Say Yeah, Canon
25. Til The Day I Die, TobyMac
26. Sideways, KB
27. 808, Tedashii
28. Amazing, Canton Jones
29. Bully, Da’ T.R.U.T.H
30. Can’t Do You, Lecrae
31. Tempo, KB
32. Bout Whuteva (feat. Illuminate), Sevin
33. Fight, Thisl and Mike Real
34. Amen, Izze
35. Too Cold, Trip Lee
36. Billion Years, Trip Lee
37. Blessings, Lecrae
38. Streets Don’t Love You, by Reconcile
39. You Still Here (Interlude), by Reconcile
40. Going Through It (feat. Junebug & Stunna Bam), by Reconcile
41. Ain’t No Way, by Reconcile
42. Reckless, by Reconcile
43. Premeditated, by Reconcile
44. Free My Soul, by Reconcile
45. Ur Love, by Reconcile
46. Motivation, by Reconcile
47. Proud, by Reconcile
48. Jesus Piece, by Reconcile
49. Green Lights, by NF
50. Outro, by NF
51. Faithful, by Jevo’n
52. Momma House, by (feat. MC Fiji) Aha Gazelee
53. Do What I Gotta Do, (feat. Derek Minor) Aaron Cole
54. I Miss You Bae, Seckond Chaynce
55. Put Em Up, by Canton Jones (feat. Big Ran & Tonio)



1. Bruises, by Love and Death
2. Breath Into Me, by Red
3. Better Than Drugs, by Skillet
4. Invisible, by Disciple
5. By The Way, by Love and Death
6. Youth of the Nation, by P.O.D
7. Dear X, You Don’t Own Me, by Disciple
8. It’s Not Me, It’s You, by Skillet
9. The Last One Alive, by Demon Hunter
10. Everything Good, by Ashes Remain
11. Change My Life, by Ashes Remain



1. Golden City, by Matthew Parker
2. Slay The Dragon, by Onyx
3. Dogfight, by Roksonix
4. Turn Down For What, by DJ Snake and Lil Jon
5. Night Bus, Droptek
6. Straw Man, by Punx Soundcheck
7. Alive (Crius Remix), by Swedish Revolution
8. I Can’t Stop, by Flux Pavilion
9. In This World (Unikron Remix), by Joel Vaughn
10. Lions Bass Attack (Original Mix), ARIA Chrisitan Dubstep
11. Live For the Drop, Capital Kings
12. Next to Me (Har Megiddo Remix), by Oh Snap It’s Luke!
13. #Pandastruction (Original Mix), by Swedish Revolution
14. Dazzling Scene, by Oh Snap It’s Luke!
15. I Ain’t Got No Money, Matthew Parker
16. Unstoppable, Matthew Parker



1. Live Like You Were Dying, Tim McGraw
2. Do You Want Fries With That? Tim McGraw
3. Enchanted, Taylor Swift
4. I Like It, I Love It, Tim McGraw
5. Walking After Midnight, Patsy Cline
6. She’s Got You, Patsy Cline



1. Born This Way, by Thousand Foot Krutch
2. BZRK (ft. KB), by Family Force 5
3. Every time You Run, by Manafest
4. Untraveled Road, by Thousand Foot Krutch
5. Don’t Stop Believin’, by Journey
6. Faithful, by Journey
7. Where I Belong, by Building 425
8. All Around Me, by Flyleaf
9. Don’t Wake Me, by Skillet
10. We Believe, by Newsboys
11. Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been, by Reliant K
12. What Faith Can Do, by Kutless
13. Bring Em Out, by Hawk Nelson
14. Dead Man, by Jars of Clay
15. Ones and Zeros, Steller Kart.
16. Light Up The Sky, The Afters
17. Mirror, by Barlow Girl
18. He Knows, by Jeremy Camp



  1. Wild, by Local Sound
  2. Cumbia (feat. Words Played), by Gawvi
  3. Steady, (feat. Zach Norman , by Gawvi)