Waiting For You

I’ve invested my love into you, but I don’t feel much in return
That’s how it is, though, because I’m usually overlooked
This is what you wanted, wasn’t it?
Holding my head trying to recall the moment everything went wrong
What you don’t know is that you had my heart,
And now that it’s severed, you’re ripping it apart
I watch its pieces spinning out in the dark unrecovered
You fell in love with my promises and the depth of my thoughts
You say everything is fine, but I know that it’s not
I’m still waiting for you
Pictures don’t change but the people inside of them do
Love isn’t on your heart, I’m sure it’s something else now
You knew all of my dreams and you heard all of my screams, but you ran when you saw they were coming for me
I lived to give you life, but I died by your hand
I promised to love you forever but you never promised the same
This is how I live my life, by keeping all the emotion bottled inside
I don’t mind your tears on my shoulder or your stories in my ear, but the harsh reality of death separated us forever
I’m a jar of memories you don’t care to remember
I knew that you were holding out for someone better
I’m still waiting for you
Pull me a little closer to take me a little deeper just to know you sweeter
I know that you’re broken because you’ve broken me, but I’ll still move the mountains just to see you again
I don’t find delight in your pain, I hate to see it in your eyes, to see it sketched on your face
What you don’t know is when i found you, I knew your love might not reciprocate, but i took my chances anyway
My heart burned for you, to love you with passion and excitement then and even now
Tears blurred my vision, but I pursued you despite your broken wedding vow
Don’t you know that you can’t have it both ways
I have love for you and I don’t feel much in return
Still, I’ll come after you because only I know of your lofty worth
Love is when I loved you
Love is alive even in a dark place
Even though death might separate us, it’s you I’m still dreaming of
I’m still waiting for you