This is (obviously) unfinished, but I’m posting it anyway.  Maybe someone can finish it for me?  If you do, make sure to share it with me so I can post the edited version and credits below:)

* * * * *

They say God is in your heart, but I’ve already chased my heart before and ended up empty-handed.
Time and time again, stress and pressure crumble my self-worth.
I fail and I fall on my heart so it’s constantly bruised and hurt.
I’m drowning in a sea of dirty water without a surface to rise above.
A sea of hurts and unforgiveness and memories that sting.
So I turn around and swim in a different direction along wherever the current decides to take me.
But there’s a struggle and now a war against the tides.
Are they trying to kill me?
The ocean curls its waves around my chest until I can’t breathe and begin to float.
Softly its loosens its grip and takes with it my power to love.
But somehow I believe that it’s self-inflicted, that doing this to myself was a punishment for leaving.
But maybe there’s something more beyond the sea that’s waiting for me.

I listened to my heart and chased what I desired most, freedom that I couldn’t understand but felt in my soul.
This ocean isn’t crystal-clear as it’s clouded with doubt and decay.
I began to float backwards, powerless, into the place from which I know I could ever escape.