I turned my eyes to see your face,
And my fearless heart was suddenly yours
Love unfolded itself without measure
Justice and truth whispered all that you were
Love is greater than all
She joined us together in the park
You didn’t understand my attention but I stayed for conversation
I love you, but you didn’t know it at the moment
Trust formed in your heart to walk me through the cold jail cell towards the center of yourself
The sun of your world was long dead, the corpse of your body forgotten
The walls of your heart held betrayal and gnawing pain, your hidden smiles and unspoken poetry lines
You promised to leave the graveyard alone a long time ago, but guilt from the past leaked under your fortress
We talked at first and after a while you started smiling
The truth is I was searching for you and Rescue carved a path for me
Heaven gazed upon you alone and defeated without knowledge of a King
I love you and still do
It’s unconditional and some say it’s spiritual
A love so bold to bring the dead to life and the lost to freedom
I gave Him all my life for all He is and all He’s done because He turned His eyes to look into mine
Love is strong no matter what its facing
Love will see the ugly and tell you that it remains
You didn’t understand my intentions that day but I stayed anyway
Love is so near that He’ll sit with you in your fortress
He conquered death and isn’t nonexistent
Suffering is a problem and He felt the pain on the Cross to join you in it
I’m not with you right now
I’m where I need to be currently
I’m a soldier on my knees interceding with prayer and praise
Turned my eyes to see your face that day
Without fear, my heart was yours immediately
Love unfolded without measure
Justice and truth whispered all that you were
Love is greater than all