A Comeback

I struggled to find my faith there for a while after you left
I didn’t understand why God had to let it happen
In the end it turned out to be a misunderstanding
I listened to the songs that played all the feelings, read all your poems and professions that you actually loved me
I wish I could block the memories that we have, I don’t want them anymore
I’m not sleeping lately and I blame you for it
It’s been two years since I’ve had any peace, I’ll never forgive you this
I want to hurt you like you’ve hurt me June 25th
I once thought a day without you would be my darkest
I’ve stepped off that plane now and onto the wings of revenge
If it wasn’t for me, nothing good in your life would’ve existed
My bones are trembling, it’s been so long since I’ve seen the old messages
You want to talk again and you’re so persistent
Anger quakes in the depths of my heart as I remember all your stupid sorries and emails of regret
I don’t feel compassion anymore, you didn’t care if you lost me
My heart is still dripping warm in your cold hands, how can it still be alive for you?
I want to shoot it first and then again to make sure it’s really dead
It didn’t have to end this way, why do you still pretend like it can be us again
My tears are burning in my throat and the hate for this boils over

I just want you to know
I’m still alive, but I’m not same
I didn’t lose everything, just the unnecessary weight

I actually did survive, I can’t believe it
But if it wasn’t for you, these nightmares would’ve never existed