Sometimes it gets that way,
When the loneliness within aches.
Becoming lost with nothing to go on,
No way to survive,
When it only rains

Where is the direction once known?
There are so many trails, but only one to follow.
How many times can glory reign before it fades again?
Standing still & listening to a voice, yet only hearing the whisper of the wind.

Is there hope ever to be had?
Are there dreams ever to be dreamt?
Is there laughter ever to be heard?

When hearts break & when tears fall,
Precious souls die & nothing is left but to continue into the black depths farther & farther.

Because when the loneliness aches within,
And the pains becomes so familiar,
Choices become so hard to make when your falling deeper & deeper.

Mercy, please, don’t let it keep raining.
Don’t let it keep raining.
Let there be peace within.
Let the skies clear again.