Life keeps giving her blows;
Can she take them like she says she can?
Her red eyes & shaking hands says they hit her right at the target.

Life doesn’t ease up even a little & goes in for the kill.
Doesn’t wait for permission & only wants to see her tears for the satisfaction.
Can she keep that smile on her face like its all going well?
There’s something behind that fake smile…

Life gives her a heart, only to break it; gives her a child, only so he can turn away, run away – the tears on her face shows life, that its hit the target.

She’s tied together with a smile & doesn’t want her failures to show.
Just keeps on thinking that everything will turn out the way it will.

She locks herself away everyday, only to coming out to go back in.
Life keeps hitting her target time & time again.

I’m at a loss for words, what can I say?
I don’t know what to do to make it all go away.
Life gives her a secret, is it something she can keep?
Life suddenly reveals it and watches as she weeps.

Life can be so cruel sometimes & knows just how to do it.
But God can untie the knots & re-do it.
Will she open her heart & give it the One?
Maybe win life’s game this time?
Or will she turn away so it can hit her target time & time again?

He’s nearer than she thinks, watching down to see what she will do.
Make that choice & believe because after all – the master can bring it down on its knees.