J.R. Kruse Blog

I met Jason at a youth group that takes place once a week on the west side of Florida.  He was quiet and reserved, but, you know, it’s the quiet ones that are usually up to something 🙂

Jason is a solid Christian who’s passionate about Jesus, and who is also a talented writer and enthusiastic gamer.  When Jason and I happened to discover that we had the same Kingdom mindset that we both chose to intertwine through each of our own poems and blogs, we began to collaborate and share poems.  I don’t happen to be the most gifted at video games, but I can definitely stand on the sidelines and cheer on the players 😀


Check out his work here at J.R. Kruse Blog and drop him a comment to let him know your thoughts or just to leave a prayer request.  A sample of his work is under the J.R. Kruse menu tab called The Fear of What People Think of You vs. What God Thinks of You.