Break my spirit and show me how to live
Show me what’s holding onto my forearms and legs
Murder that which is crawling across my skin for a sacrifice
Open my heart and save what I’ve become
Call my name to wake me up inside before I come undone
Rescue my heart from the accuser of the brethren and the father of false accusations
I’ve sinned, but you’ve sinned, too, friend
Denial is a river from my heart called Independence
I want to hold Your hand so that you can break my spirit but I can’t stop sinning
I don’t have it, it has me
Standing in the place where i should not be
The pride in me is my defeated mentality
I want to be free but how do you clean what stays dirty?
My right hand doesn’t know what my left hand’s doing
Controlling the mountains and objectives, but sometimes I’ll be slipping on the side
I’ll be all right, I’m still the same
Don’t bother me after I told you that I’m okay
I don’t need intimacy, I’m working as hard as I can
People come for a season, but they never stay
It seems foolish of me to give my heart away and I do it anyway, but I’ll turn away so you never see the loneliness in my eyes when he goes
Throw my name away, invest in his soul because I know through You all things are possible
I’m afraid of falling in Love but I’m always seeking her heart to draw me close
What could take its place or substitute the warmth of its embrace?
Gentle enough to know that I’m not okay and strong enough to raise a risen King
She’s wise to know that I’m wounded, confused and abused by a false hope but she opens her arms to welcome me home
The spirit in me still isn’t broken
It’s stronger than I, but Love please don’t go
It’s important for me to have a safe place to be
I hope to go where the roads are paved, so please don’t close the gates
Hold my hand, don’t let me slip too far
Show me how to Love before i come undone