Forgive My Unbelief

It’s 3 a.m., Lord, but are You awake?
Her and I aren’t working out anymore and I need an exit to escape.
Maybe You can make a difference, maybe You can make a way?
We’ve drifted apart as Mr. and Mrs. and now we’re sleeping in separate rooms.
I’m feeling like I want to leave her, maybe, I don’t know
I’m feeling like I don’t care anymore and I know that she doesn’t either.
The sleep goes right through me, my emotions are crazy and out of control.
She’s not the person I thought she was a long time ago
We started to change once the fireworks burst like the concept of our love.
It’s difficult to maintain vision when I’m dragging through this binding commitment.
My hope is rapidly disappearing.
It’s 3 a.m., Lord, can You cure my unbelief?
Instead of finding a gold mine, I hit a land mine.
Love touched us one time, but it didn’t last for this lifetime.
I’ll turn on the radio to distract from my paranoia, but I slammed in the curb and hit the wall, lost in a free fall.
I’m adrift in all these scary thoughts and cries of my own screams
I’m in this life alone, I’m not trying to do this, you know, but I can’t see through these tears
She’s still my bride, but why is she fighting me?
I’m the groom that promised her security
It’s 3 in the morning and I’ve got no where else to go
I’m holding it down, but she’s lying to me
I know I promised forever and eternity, yet she keeps on playing me
My family and friends keep on praying for me
We committed on the mountain, but we never prepared for the valley
I continue the struggling but I don’t want to be
She’s taking my hope and I’m swerving out
Where You’re at, Lord, I’m not sure right now
I’m begging for Your strength because mine’s wearing out
Half my heart is left
She’s got her foot on my back
It’s 3 in the morning and I’m restless, calling out for your help
I can forgive some things, but this has gone too far
I pray that you change my heart because I can’t see when it’s dark
My wounds won’t stop bleeding
Forgive me, Lord, for this unbelief
Change my heart because it’s crooked
Open my eyes and teach me how to believe
Will you come through and fix this what’s on the edge?
I want to love like You do, I want to know what sacrifice is.
I want to know what unconditional love means
I’m on my knees in the driveway begging for Your healing.
The revelation of Your true love revives my heart but it isn’t reflecting
No matter what, I’ve promised to love her, even in these valleys
She’s not perfect, but neither am I
She’s got my ring on her finger but You’ve got a scar in Your palm
Love does not quit and it keeps holding on.
Love keeps believing, let it shape my heart
It’s early in the morning and I see a new dawn.