Fearlessly Loved by Madison Etherton

“I am a daughter of the one true king. A daughter that in fact has entirely too much to do, yet still feels like God is calling her to do much more. Thus, this blog has been created into existence. This is a blog created to encourage, to delight, to ignite passion into the souls of my brothers and sisters. God has taught me so much and lately has been relentlessly pouring into me, showing me those who are hurting, broken, and scared. So, lemonade in hand, and not even a thought in my mind on what to write, I feel God calling me to just write. Just write about what he has been teaching me. So maybe someone out there needs to hear these words, read this words, have these words poured into them. So I don’t know if my experiences are interesting or if they are even insightful, but my life is devoted to God and I feel like He wants me to do this. So here we go, another leap of faith goes in the books.”

Sincerely, Madison Etherton


I met sweet Madison at a church local mission trip because she loves evangelizing as much as I do.  While I and my team focused our attention towards the adults in the apartments and on the streets to tell them about Jesus every week, she took the liberty to play and minister to the neighborhood children.  She is energetic, excited about life, and all the little kids look forward to seeing her.  Madison loves dogs, the ocean, and summertime.  Check  out her blog at Fearlessly Loved and send her some love by filling out the contact form!


Psalm 71
For You are my hope; O Lord God, You are my trust and the source of my confidence from my youth.