This type of life isn’t how I pictured it
In the back of my mind is how I wanted to bury them
Instead I sense their struggle to resurrect and conquer again
I thought it would get better, but it’s only worsening
Instead of disappearing they’re spread through these verses
I thought they would leave to spare me the pain of remembering
Thought I would change, but I finally realize I’m no different
This type of life isn’t how I envisioned it
Got too much on my mind moment by moment
I don’t know how to deal with it sometimes and I’m up late constrained by the wickedness
It holds my heart to carve with scalpels of death and deception
I’ve made plenty of mistakes and drama escalated
I remember those times like they were yesterday
The look in your eyes told me it was already too late
Won’t you ever forgive me for the time wasted and empty promises that were made?
Won’t you ever heal the wounds in my heart or are you waiting for me to bury them?
I can’t do that again
I want them back to hold in my hands
They’re all that’s remained
The remnants of us
Do you remember them or did you already forget?