Blue Eyes

I’ll point you to the sky
I’ll teach you fly
I’ll show you the narrow path
I am your biggest fan, I hope you know I am
Slow down, be easy, please
Don’t go too fast, don’t awaken love while she is sleeping
You’ve shown me the beauty when the beauty was absent
You never stop praying, you never stop believing even for a minute
In one moment you can give me all the strength and confidence
I’ve seen you fight to keep it together
I’ve seen you sacrifice for others
That ever present smile on your beautiful face, but you know the struggle often
Nothing hurts more than trying your best and still not being good enough
Guard your words, hold my hand, and remember you’re worth the Cross, you’re worth it all
You’re the light in the darkness, you know
You’re a beating heart when there is no hope
So hold on, please, and don’t let go
Remember, please, that you’re never alone
You’ve pointed me to the sky, it matches your stunning blue eyes
You taught me how to fly, the life in your words still carry me so high
You’ve encouraged me and made me alive
But why did you leave…
You never even said goodbye…

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