She was my queen
She called me her prince
I gave her my all cause she was worth all of me
How did it end like this
This wasn’t the plan how did I fall like this
I’m so deep the demons can hear me weap
I can’t stand the pain I’ve caused
The pain is too deep I can’t even live with myself
I see the blood on my hands from a broken heart
I feel like the witch cause it won’t come off
Lord this guilt is too heavy I need Someone to save me
I get down on my knees but I wonder if You left me
Can’t blame You if You did cause I’d leave me too
But how could I look at myself when I see the pain I’ve caused
Lord take it away and put it on me
They say time heals all wounds but Lord this one needs You
Only You could bind up her broken heart and heal her wound from the pain I’ve inflicted
Lord I give up I can’t do this cause You’re the only One that could see through this
If You give me control I know I’m only bound to fall Lord I’d loose it all
Lord I called her princess but she’s always been Yours cause I know she’s made in You
And true, I love her but Lord all my love, it comes from You
Why’d it have to end like this?
I always thought it would end in bliss
I never thought I would crush the one I love
Now all I can do is fall on my face Lord I need to see Your grace
I need to fall back but Lord, is it too late?
Lord I see it now, I’m trusting that You know my best
Lord here I am, take what’s left of me
I’m not looking for that warm embrace and no I’m not looking for that midnight kiss
I know I’ve messed up but I’m just looking for my friend back so we can do life
I take no credit for writing this poem

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