Spoken word (honestly, I just don’t have a title again haha)

I make a way when there is no way, I call that a miracle
I’m supernatural, the only life Giver in the spiritual
Just step back and give Me all you know
Some will cry to Me, “Lord, Lord” but I don’t know
Hold on, I’ve got you and I’m holding you close
Don’t doubt Me when you don’t even know about Me
You’re in the bedroom crying, but I hold in My hand eternity
My thoughts are above yours, don’t question Me
I do what I see fit in My eyes
Just be obedient and you’ll always hear My voice
The answer is above the stars, so stop praying to them
These trials won’t last forever, my friend
It’s your ignorance that makes you sick until my glory goes and reverses it
I promise to be with you until the end
Remember you’re a slave to Me, not to your own victory
Stop trying to find the gold when I’m all you need
I’m more than just money or things
I’m all you need
Just trust Me
Just believe in Me
I’ve been through Hell and back, listen to what I say
I did it for you, I claim the victory, and I claim you
Wow, you’re so beautiful and I made you with purpose
I want to give you life because I know you’re worth it
The power of the Gospel is not dependent on you or what you can do
You do not make the Gospel powerful because it’s already true
I change hearts daily and I choose to do it through you
Take one day at a time, don’t worry about the next
My grace will satisfy until your last breath
So don’t doubt me when you don’t even know about Me
I’m more than just prosperity or blessings
I’m all you need if you just trust Me
Just believe in Me
If only you’ll believe in Me

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