My heart has taken a beating but it’s still beating even though it’s weakening
God is sustaining me when I’ve slid to the edge sure that I’m slipping and soon to be falling
God don’t forget Your promises, don’t stop loving me
Don’t leave me reckless
I keep turning back to the wrong way, stubborn and unrepentant
Don’t write me off, but You should’ve done it a long time ago
My Bible is in the closet, unread and all alone
My heart is beating in my chest, undiscovered and abandoned
The blind leads the blind and that’s why lies are so prone to injure the wounded
I can’t push You to stay
I don’t know where You’re at, but I need You today
My back is against the wall, thinking I’m against friends who are strong until I look down and saw the holes in my chest from all the false love
Lord Jesus, I’m still alive, but how much longer do You have me down here?
My heart has taken a beating but it’s still beating even though it’s dying
I don’t want to do anything premature, I understand You’re on the throne
I understand You’re in control and not everything is for me to know
You didn’t let me go
You hung for me a long time ago
You were thinking of me when others weren’t, and there for me when others disappeared
Lord Jesus, I’m still alive, so I hit my knees as long as you have me down here


2 Corinthians 4.7-18

One thought on “Stay

  1. Munene says:

    This is Pure Humbleness emerging grom your heart&soul. Blessed are the meek and humble(pure in heart),for they shall see God

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