Find me in my pain, find it burying me slowly
How can You see into my eyes like they’re open doors to search through the midnight?
Why did You uncover me beneath this dirt to know where I hide?
I should be dead, but I’m still breathing somehow
The light is blinding and I can feel Your hand pulling me out
Everything I’ve wanted has fallen and is broken now
All of their pieces are left behind in the coffin where it belongs and where I once lived
I want to repent, I want to be perfect despite the temptation and the voices in my head telling me to be different, it’s all garbage
I hope You aren’t disappointed but after a while I feel like You don’t even notice

A part of me is missing and I just can’t fill it
I’ve tried and I’ve cried and I’ve tasted loneliness until my tongue was dry
I’ve been burning through the days searching for a better way
In truth I’ve been running away while everything was falling down around me
You promised to be with me as long as it takes even when I’m drowning
I need You to calm these waves but it seems like You’re far away
Make me listen
Make me different
Their mind is a loaded gun, I was the target and I’ve come undone by their shots that aimed into my heart

I’m stuck in a cage with my doubt and the toxic lies of the enemy, but I think I’m ready for You now
Everyday by myself I’m breaking down
Come and find me in my pain
You found it burying me slowly
How can You see into my heart like an open door?
I heard You knocking long ago to surrender my soul but I was afraid to reach out
Your hope is what I need now
I’ve got a war going on inside my soul
I don’t want to fight alone
I’ll give it all away, it’s all superficial

Let your Love surround me
Put Your arms around me
Your Love sees the ugly inside me and whispers that it’s staying
Your Love can’t be shaken by the decisions I’ve made
Your Love can open the coffin built by the mistakes that I’ve been laying in
You can take everything, I’ll give you the key to my mind and my heart
Hold me now
I need to feel You
Show me how to make it new
The past I can’t undo
But I don’t want to walk into the future without You

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