How To Ruin Your Relationship With God

As solid of a relationship as you may have with God, you must agree that there are times of turmoil in this totally one-sided love you have. I say one sided because the deeper I go into the presence of God the more I grow to understand that my love for Him is totally overshadowed by His love for me. It’s completely different from any relationship that I’ve ever been in, and along with it being new, life with Jesus brings new complications and even more new joys!

I have since been acquiring a list of standard practices that I have gone through or seen executed perfectly. As my divine Creator washes over me with love, showers me with His detailed affection and offers me intrinsic value; I have become increasingly aware of my ability to reciprocate with total arrogance and selfishness.

It might seem like nothing to other people, but the smallest things mean so much when we zoom out. Things like my inability to wake up early and pray, or my two years of complete marijuana obsession. They seem insignificant to some but let’s be real; putting these things at a greater priority than the Creator of all things, author of time and giver of life is a big deal to me.

So it’s because of my daily heathenly practices that I’ve acquired a list of ways to ruin this amazing thing I got going with the Big Guy. It’s a sort of  “how to” of nightmarish proportions. Follow these steps exactly, and you will be broken, lonely and farther from God than you were when you were an agnostic, Beatles fan who loved MGMT and only smoked bowls cuz blunts ruin the flavor, bro. (I’m looking at you, Chaz) So here comes the guide to losing the relationship–a guide I know you won’t follow. But when you run across one of these and you can juke it like Steph Curry before Lebron you will thank me.

Prioritize God Last In Your Life

Look, some things in life can’t be given up. Too much change is required. You need to stop trying to squeeze God into every little thing you do and relax. If God is really who he says he is, then you can set your schedule and He will come to you! Besides, bottomless mimosas on Sunday mornings for 20$ is unbeatable. What kind of God would make you give that up?

Pray Only For Things You Want

God is like a genie. When you pray for something you always 100% of the time get it. Because God wants you to always have what you want. This way if you mess it up, you can only blame yourself! Isn’t He so good?!

God is Good!

Chaz: In All of the Times!!

–It’s “All the time” Chaz, but anyway.
Don’t worry about praying for things that aren’t your business, focus only on things that include you, and as you pray about them make sure you tell God that you want Him to have His way about all of these things. While you’re at it, never offer to pray for someone and always ask for prayer. Make sure that the two are tied together. You just never want to actually act on the prayers that are said. That would be ostentatious.

Develop Relationships That Only Benefit You.

While you are in ministry, make sure you forget about the little people, if you are in business make sure you work too much and forget about church, if you are a church goer make sure you only hang out with the “cool” people in church. No one else really hears from God. Who do you think told them to wear those long-cut tees? Make sure you only become friends with people who have something to offer you.

If anyone asks you for anything in return, they aren’t really your friends and you shouldn’t build deep friendships with them. They are just shallow and trying to use you.

I’m telling you this is the way to go! If there is a short cut to destroying your relationship with God here it is!

Never Sacrifice.

You’re the only one that matters. If someone doesn’t fit into your schedule, then why should you sacrifice your time to make time for them? Sure, keeping your word is good and all but keeping your purpose intact…at all costs…now there is something God respects. You need to look out for yourself. It’s not like you have people who are going to do that for you. Since you only hang out with the cool people, odds are you won’t have many friends. You are one step closer to isolation. Which is one spot on way to kill your relationship with God.

Great! So you’re isolated, you only hang out with certain people, your prayer life is self-focused and you fit God in “wherever you can”.  Looks like we only have a couple more things to go before you’ve effectively ruined your relationship with God.

Try to Be Relevant to People Instead of Obedient to God.

You’ve gotta have the new Hillsong Y&F album. And you besta make sure you’re at Fetty Wap & Andy Mineo show but since it’s on a Saturday night, you should probably sleep in and just stream some Steven Furtick from bed Sunday morning. Maybe do a Coffee & Bible IG post, and snap yourself going for a run (mind, body and soul). Not gonna lie! It felt like an amazing Sunday so you could do that for a few weeks until you start receiving some sweet texts and calls from your leaders and pastors.

“We miss you, dawg.”

“You coming to home group? Got that lasagna tonight!”

“Hey, hope you’re okay. We miss you.”

“Applebees tonight. You in?!”

Don’t listen to or seek leadership in your life. 

For grade A, fast track to destruction of your relationship with God, skip right to here. All of the things discussed up to this point could arguably be misinterpreted. We could say you just didn’t have any control over them and you were simply going through a hard time. Here is where you differentiate yourself from all the others. Where you stand out and say “I REFUSE TO LISTEN TO GODLY ADVICE FROM GODLY PEOPLE!”

When you take that stand, you are saying consciously, with your heart that you want to inflict damage on your relationship with God. I say this so vividly because it is one of the only steps here that require true rebellion against authority on earth. Every other step have been micro-rebellions against God.  But in this step, we make it public.


If I can provide road signs for future mishaps in your walk that is what I want to do. In all seriousness there are a couple of main ways to restore your relationship with God if it’s hurting and that is Spiritual Accountability and Obedience to God’s word. Without those two we will never feel like we are fulfilling our lives as Christians. Any way we size it up, our lives and our being are made to work in the function of church as Christ sees it (not American Church). A spiritual family, built on the word of God. Building each other up through prayer. Without these functions we are lone rangers doomed to solitary Christianity, a diluted Jesus. Because He uses His sons and daughters who are willing and works through them. This walk is only feasible with Christ and community. All this in love,

The Test of Knowing Him

Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments.  He who says, “I know Him,” and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him.  He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.

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