Unless there is air, there is no fire
Unless there is life, there is no living water
Until I’m dead, I’m not born again
Praying a prayer does not mean I’m religious
Going to church does not make me a Christian
Rebellion is called sin and there are snakes in the wilderness
My ghost is left in the garden because I’m not perfect, and I’m not as spiritual as you think I am
Are you expecting too much of me, or am I not being all I could be?
God chases those He loves even while they’re in darkness
Before we’re brought to life, we’re walking carcasses
But now I can impact a life because of a life changing Message
At 17, I experienced death and eternity
Pinned to the ground forced to cry out to unlock the restraints of immorality
Sin does not laugh or enjoy games
I don’t mean to bring up the past but at that point I was born again
It’s not who I was, it’s who I am
The truth is for the body and faith is for the mountains
There’s nothing new about it but it’s still full of power
He promised millions of miles by my side as Jehovah Jireh
He promised to be the star directing my path as the Prince of Peace just as He did for the three kings
To be the author and finisher of my faith and as the lamp to light my way
Unless there is love there is no change
Some say I lost my life but I never settle for average
Some are scared they’re going to die so they’re living it to the highest
But if Jesus wasn’t resurrected, you’re already wasting your life
You need eternal salvation because this isn’t all there is
Until you’re dead, you aren’t born again
At 21, I heard a call and a command to abandon my selfish desires and wills in the grave
Unless there is life there is no living water
Take a sip of Life before returning to the well of man
There is grace
And there is fire in His eyes
The Son separated from glory
To crown you eternal life

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