When did I lose myself?
When did I lose myself in you?
Hear me screaming and feel them reverberating
The echos are your compass to find me
You have all of my heart, the one you left behind
You cannot erase history merely amongst the wings of time
I want to know that you’re finally gone, but your picture is still on the wall of my heart
Ashes of our dreams together are scattered around, haunting me forever from now on
I saved my last breath for you and you’re still holding it in your arms
You have all of me captured in your illuminated darkness
I wish you would just leave, so why are you still standing here?
I wish you would disappear, so why does your presence still linger near?
The abrasions inflicted by your sorcery do not heal
I gave you all of me, but you took it all from me
I made the mistake, so blame it all on me
But trust when I say I will never again live for poisonous beauty
Why am I so hypnotized by what does not last very long?
Before I knew it, what we had suddenly was gone
Reaching out for hope between the tears when it was over
When I look into your eyes searching for oceans, all I see are dirty little puddles
I don’t have a right to know everything, but Jesus does
I don’t do it all right, but I know Jesus does
Our last goodbye disappeared as a butterfly would
I’m not holy, but I tell you what He told me
In the back of my mind I’m wondering if you’ll always be the tourniquet to my mentality
Is this the new reality, the fork in the road right here?
Where I choose to let the Man who parted the seas to let me out of the tower guarded by your noisy promises?
I’m dying with a broken heart until I hear His footsteps
They approached the door
When He opened it, He told me to come forth
I’m desperate for hope
He said He lost Himself, He lost Himself in me
He heard my screams and felt them in His heartbeat
I don’t know what to do; still kind of out of it
I don’t know how to forgive
He said it didn’t matter, just to take His hand
The first hello came like a butterfly would
I don’t know how You’re going to come through
Why You’re even bothering to fix this hardened fool
Maybe You can do everything you say you could
Maybe You’re accustomed to opening these tombs

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