Bible notes that turned into a poem

Wrestling with God and coming face to face with yourself
The fight of your life that you’re in and that you’re going under is the one that said
There’s something about you that you need to change
If you seek God face to face you will die
Gen. 32
Before you change you have to meet the truth and meet the lie
God isn’t trying to change you so He can love you – He loves you so He’s trying to change you
Dysfunctional family
We act on what we perceive is true
God is going to jump on you, He’s going to be constant

* * * * * 

In order for there to be a breakthrough, there needs to be a broken you or (In order to have a breakthrough, you must break something to go through)… The broken you must be placed in the Hands of the one who manufactured, God the Maker)
Silence is the audience chamber of God
Jacob is not wrestling with God, God is wrestling with Jacob
Maybe there’s some things that I want to change about myself
Maybe there’s a lot of things, more than what I want to deal with
I can be petty sometimes, I can be nagging
I know I lie a lot and oftentimes I’m moody
I’m unforgiving, angry and impatient
I’m a bunch of nasty things and a killer is one of them
It’s not right, I know, and I feel like I’m working on it
I hate myself but inside I’m really hurting
I’ve met the truth and I know the lie inside and out
The silence is screaming at me but I can’t hear if God is too or not
There’s something in me that needs to change and I know it’s my heart
God is constant and true, holy and pursues
I am emotionally through, my soul is cornered and bruised
I know I don’t have any excuse, and He knows that, too
I hate what I’ve become and I hate what I’ve done, but it’s over and done with now, I won’t look back, I never do
I act on what I perceive is true but my truth never really is
I do these things because in reality along the way I have lost You
I hope for a breakthrough one day
I hope that you’ll penetrate this stone heart so I’ll never walk the same
You did this in Genesis 32, I’ll know You’ll do it again
You’re a God who is constant and true, who is holy and pursues
I’m embarrassed and lonely inside and I’m ashamed to come to You
Your chamber is quiet and it is only us
I can feel Your eyes on me
Are you feeling pity and disgust?
I’ve come face to face with myself, the pain of losing what I thought I most wanted
My treasure was eaten by moths and it’s long since rotted
I have baggage from my childhood and mistakes that’s weighed on my heart
There’s something in me that needs to change and I know where to start
In order for there to be a breakthrough and a spirit that’s renewed, I have to start with You

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